Our Services

We provide end-to-end services for both the import and export of goods and services around the world at Airtide Logistics.
You can be confident that that your product will be transported and delivered safely to the designated location. We make certain that we adhere to the highest possible standards. Our customer-centric strategy is well-defined, and it simply addresses our clients' supply chain requirements.

Find below a concise description of our core service offerings:

Import and Export

We can perform all your official operations and documentation that are required for the import and export of goods globally. We ensure that your goods are safe and delivered right on schedule. Our services covers goods and products such as cars, equipments, food, drinks and so on.

Air Freight

We are sufficiently able to handle the intricacies of Air Freight Logistics business deals, that involve transporting goods safely across continents and worldwide borders. Our expert knowledge and close ties with multinational shipping lines globally means your satisfaction and safety of goods is assured.

Land Freight

Airtide Logistics has a team of professional expertise in the field of overland transport across the length and breadth of Nigeria and the African continent.

Sea Freight

We transport items via international waters to your preferred destination. All goods are insured while in transit, ensuring that you are protected against theft, loss, and damage.


In line with the fact that our world today is fast becoming a global village, we ensure that our operations are digitally optimized. We communicate with our partners via channels such as Email and Social Media, thus ensuring that interaction is both physical and virtual and emphasizing our availability to do business.

Furthermore, we are a one-stop logistics firm, as our services cover Land, Sea and Air Freights as well as all custom and port operations such as clearing and forwarding. With the right amount of connections both international are local, our operations are always completed in recird time.